Choujin Locke: Lord Leon (Sub)
Avg. Score 4.8/5
Status Completed
Eps 3
Aired Oct 25, 1989 to Dec 16, 1989

It is the year 336 of the Space Century on the planet of Sieren, and in the state of Innex, Flora Rain-who is blind-is employed at an elementary school. Flora is adored by her students, the principal of the school, and all the town’s people, and enjoys a peaceful life in the town. By chance, she meets a strange youth named Locke. Locke has numerous superpowers, although he is very discreet about them and gives the impression of being an ordinary youth. One day, Locke is visited by a Military man, Major Caliann, who requests Locke’s assistance in their investigation of Lordleon. Lordleon and his space pirates have attacked the enterprise Astoria Concern, but the chairman, Great Georg, didn’t report the incident to the Union. The Union (aware of the attacks) thought this was very strange, and decided to investigate Lordleon with Locke's help.

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