Avg. Score 4.8/5
Status Completed
Eps 10

Episode 01: Rito becomes a Woman
Lala invents a gizmo to make her bust bigger. However, this invention of hers accidentally turns Rito into a woman. 

Episode 02: Rito and Mikan
Feeling lonely because Rito is always spending time with Lala, Mikan storms out of the house. While Rito and Lala are out looking for her a few flashbacks from the past, showing Rito and Mikan as kids, are shown.

Episode 03: Welcome to the Southern Resort!!
Haruna wins an island resort trip for ten females. Rito gets turned into a dog by one of Lala's inventions and somehow ends up on the island as well.

Episode 04: Trouble Quest
Rito and the girls become trapped inside an RPG game where the objective is to save Lala and defeat the evil witch Kyouko.

Episode 05: Nana and Momo
Lala's sisters cause mischief for Rito and his harem at a cherry blossom viewing.

Episode 06: Part a) Draft. b) Metamorphose. c) Hand & Tail

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