Youkai Watch Jam: Youkai Gakuen Y - N to no Souguu
Avg. Score 4.7/5
Status Completed
Eps 18
Aired Dec 27, 2019 to ?

The super elite school Y Academy is shrouded in many mysteries. The ‘YSP Club’ tackles those very mysteries. And not just that, they can also transform into 'Yo-kai Heroes’. They are entrusted with the mission of solving the greatest mysteries in Yo-kai history. An overly powerful student council, a ruthless disciplinary committee, and even an alien invasion. What awaits Jinpei, and the other 'YSP Club’ members? A bright future? Or perhaps...Sudden gag overload. Touching developments that’ll move you to tears. A completely new experience is waiting for you. Unravel the biggest mystery of the Y, the entire world.

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