Rupan Sansei: Part III

Lupin III chronicles the adventures of Arsene Lupin III, the world's greatest thief, and his partners in crime: master marksman Daisuke Jigen, beautiful and scheming Fujiko Mine and stoic samurai Goemon Ishikawa XIII. Lupin and his gang travel around the globe in search of the world's greatest treasures and riches and always keeping one step ahead of the tireless Inspector Zenigata, who has vowed to bring Lupin to justice. 

Rupan Sansei: Part II 155 eps, 2014-08-07 07:09:28
Lupin III: Part V (Dub) 24 eps, 2019-12-08 19:38:57
Rupan Sansei 23 eps, 2014-07-24 04:55:13
Lupin III: Dragon of Doom (Dub) 1 eps, 2020-07-24 09:15:53
Lupin III: Dragon of Doom 1 eps, 2020-07-24 14:54:04
Lupin III: Walther P-38 (Dub) 1 eps, 2015-03-27 01:37:05
Lupin III vs. Meitantei Conan 1 eps, 2013-07-16 17:37:04
Lupin III: Dead or Alive 1 eps, 2015-08-26 18:31:10
Rupan Sansei - The Last Job 1 eps, 2014-03-18 09:13:17
Lupin III: Green vs. Red 1 eps, 2013-11-19 15:45:35